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Rules for posting photos in Portfolio

Any photos depicting yourself can be posted in your Portfolio except photos that violate website Terms. If you are posting a group photo, specify where you are on it.

Moderator will decline:

  • Poor quality photos;
  • group photos;
  • Images edited using a graphics editor.

Good quality photos from your Portfolio, as well as mobile phone photos are accepted in the VIP section. Try to choose a crisp photo where your face is clearly visible.

Moderator will decline:

  • Adult photos
  • group photos

Moderator may mark your photo as private if you are depicted naked/semi-naked. This also applies to beach photos.

All uploaded photos will become available to other users only after the moderator verifies their compliance with the Terms of the website. Moderation procedure takes between 10 and 60 minutes.

Reasons for declining photos
1. Someone else's photo

Moderator will decline user photo if it is found that someone else is depicted on it.


2. Inappropriate content

Moderator will decline:

  • photos of animals (if you are not in the photo);
  • Any images that do not show you.


3. Invalid signature

Moderator will decline photos containing (in the caption or in the photo itself):

  • obscenities;
  • URLs and logos of other websites;
  • e-mail;
  • phone numbers or ICQ.
4. Poor quality

Moderator will decline blurry images.


5. Group photo

Moderator will decline group photos sent for the VIP section. And will not post shared photos in the Portfolio section if there's no indication of You in those photos.


6. Incorrect photo format

Moderator will decline photos:

  • edited using a graphics editor;
  • Depicting body parts only;
  • if it is not clear that it is really you on the photo (you are wearing a mask or your face is out of the picture).


7. Image is too small

Moderator will decline photos with you in the background, where you cannot be clearly made out.


8. Duplicate photo

Moderator will decline a photo that is a duplicate of a previous one.

9. Obscene/illegal content

Moderator will decline:

  • Photos depicting genitals or sexual intercourse.
  • Photos of naked or semi-naked women/men in provoking poses.
  • Photos of semi-naked women/men that clearly seek to exhibit figures in the nude (photos in the bath, in the shower, in the bed, etc.) Exception: beach photos.
  • Naked primary/secondary private parts, even if the image is small.
  • Photo close-ups of covered primary/secondary private parts (where there is no face).
  • Photos, drawings, screenshots (of movies, cartoons, video games) with sexual or violent scenes or showing obscene sexual items (dildos, whips, muzzles, etc.)
  • Photos containing obscene, physiologically distasteful scenes, such as: bowel and bladder movements, self-inflicted wounds, etc.
  • Photos that violate legislation of the Russian Federation or may offend national or religious feelings of others.
10. Error uploading photo

If for any reason your photo does not appear in the right section, upload it again.

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